Leadership Group – July 2017 Quarterly Catch-up

Leadership Group – July 2017 Quarterly Catch-up

Great businesses need great people who share common values, understand and strive toward common goals and have the ability and desire to contribute to the groups DNA.

ELE is fortunate to have such an amazing and committed group of people, passionate about what we do and where we are headed.

Key messages at this recent conference were centred around:

  • our new brand which we are launching and rolling out across the country
  • business excellence and our commitment to develop a globally recognised standard of business excellence and lead the way
  • what we can do to ensure further upskilling of our contractors by way of seminars focused on finance, health and safety, helping them grow their business to employ more people and giving them tools to develop their professional brand
  • The new software which ELE is implementing to help us more effectively and efficiently manage the complexities of our expanding workforce and subsidiary companies including ELE Truck and Driver Ltd

We were pleased to welcome Brett Marsh to the team. Brett will head up business excellence across the group. While there is a mountain of work to do, it’s all about continuing to think and operate smarter, more effectively and more efficiently as we achieve a position of true leadership within the sectors of industry in which we operate.

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