ELE takes the lead with its new subsidiary company

ELE takes the lead with its new subsidiary company

It’s called ELE Truck and Driver Limited.

While there are truck rental companies operating successfully in NZ, no company has actually taken the lead by combining the unit with the driver as one package on hire. ELE Truck and Driver Managing Director, Aaron Shackleton says it’s something new for transport operators and allows them to keep their own asset costs down while still providing an efficient and very cost effective logistics service to their customer base. Contingent liability now has to be shown on any companies balance sheet where they lease vehicles; this a way to refine that liability while still managing your transport company. It’s just a new and more flexible way of operating.

Aaron says ELE Truck and Driver recently secured a five year contract with a major transport provider, moving chilled and frozen goods throughout the South Island and lower North Island.

Our 8-wheeler DAF tractor units are operating around the clock pulling our clients super quad trailers. What’s more, we offer full insurance and total peace of mind.

All enquires should go to Aaron Shackleton 0275340940 or email to see if Truck and Driver works for your business.

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