Bowls Gold for ELE Patrol

Bowls Gold for ELE Patrol

The ELE team have enjoyed a lot of success in sport and Annette Mulholland’s trophy win in the 2020 Women’s Masters for bowls is no exception. Annette, who works in ELE’s Head Office in Kapiti, was ‘grateful’ to be selected for the competition, to compete in the singles format for her team, and was proud that her performance, alongside the hard work of the rest of her teammates, meant they brought home the Masters trophy for the first time in numerous decades.

Asked if she felt there was any pressure on her to perform, Annette chuckled: ‘no, there was no pressure at all. I’ve always loved sport and have been competitive all my life so it was just fun for me’. Annette’s determination certainly would have been a factor in the team’s win, but she admits she hadn’t quite realised how well the team had done at first. ‘I’ll tell you something funny,’ she said, trying to stifle her laughter as she carried on, ‘they were reading the results in reverse order – from seventh up – and all our girls jumped up and cheered as they announced second place [meaning Annette’s team were left in first place]. I cheered too, but I said “what are we cheering?” and someone had to tell me’. Needless to say, she was delighted with the result.

Annette thoroughly enjoyed the experience – the win being the cherry on the cake. ‘I was very grateful and felt privileged to be selected,’ she told me, ‘and if I get selected next year, I’d love to go again. Of course, I’ll have to play some good bowls in the meantime’. We wish Annette the very best of luck in her campaign to be selected for the 2021 team and here’s to another great year on the rink.

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