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ELE's experienced project leaders with their broad construction knowledge set it apart from other on-hire agencies.

Supplying carpenters, painters, crane operators, ceiling fixers through to general labour on site, we have the people and the expertise for every project. Our trade qualified workers bring tools fit for purpose and have the necessary training and qualifications for the roles they are assigned to.

ELE also engages experienced workers from abroad who bring skills, experience and diversity to each project, while local talent is developed through training and exposure on the large number of commercial and major residential projects ELE is involved with throughout New Zealand.


Working with some of New Zealand's largest local and national civil contracting companies including specialist niche businesses, ELE deploys technical and non-technical workers in a range of roles from construction and engineering through to plant, machine, excavator, truck and trailer, roller and grader operators.

Traffic control workers from Level 1 to STMS are also widely deployed to set up and safely direct traffic on client work sites.

ELE draws on a wealth of knowledge with field coordinators who are highly experienced working in the civil construction space on projects of any scale.


If it's engineers, welders, trade assistants, fabricators, pipe fitters or process workers you need, ELE has people with the experience and qualifications necessary. Our database and recruitment strategies, coupled with a consultative approach to understanding each client’s unique requirements, culture and expectations, enables us to tailor solutions to your business.


ELE is a trusted name and sought after recruitment partner in the supply of skilled contracting personnel to the Oil & Gas sector. Our highly skilled management team has a proven track record sourcing qualified and experienced contract, temporary and permanent engineers, project directors, project managers and administration & technical support.

We offer short to long term staffing solutions for clients wanting flexibility and expertise on projects. Our end-to-end recruitment service is supported by many years of experience on some of New Zealand’s largest on and offshore projects.


Unique in its approach, ELE supplies modern 'Tractor Units' to pull its clients trailers under contract, with full insurance, competent drivers and experienced management. Whether it's just a driver you need or a combination of truck and driver, ELE can assist.

Its competent workforce is assessed and certified to operate vehicles of all sizes and types, carrying anything from general, chilled & frozen and machinery through to fragile and dangerous goods.

ELE's management has extensive transport industry experience which allows it to work closely with transport companies. We understand things go wrong with the best laid plans and constantly adjust to ensure efficient delivery of our clients freight.



The world of transport is a world of change - as is the world for drivers. Operators today put resource - both trucks and drivers - where and when they're needed, and that means a significant growth in the opportunity for experienced, qualified drivers to earn great money working on contract. There's a great driving future for those who embrace the change. ELE Truck & Driver are hiring now. Contact us on 0800 DRIVER for more information.


Teams are only as strong as their weakest link. That's why it is so important to partner with a recruitment organisation that listens, understands your hiring needs and above all can identify and secure the best people for your business.

We will work with your hiring managers throughout the recruitment process, keeping you fully informed along the way. You have the option to participate as much as you like throughout the process or let us handle everything on your behalf. Unlike many of our competitors, most of our staff have worked at the coal face within your industry so we know what works and what doesn't.

Sure we will find you someone who can do the job, someone who has the right experience and technical skills and qualifications, but we know ATTITUDE is paramount. And that's something we put more focus on than most. Whoever we place with you must fit your team culture and enhance your organisations effectiveness.

We live by our motto "Right People | Right Place" and constantly strive to exceed our client's expectations.

Standard features included in our Permanent Recruitment solution:

  • Job advertisement drafting and placement
  • Applicant Screening
  • Interviewing and shortlisting
  • Pre-employment checks - required minimum criteria
  • Reference checking
  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • Contract preparation (if required)
  • Coordination pre-placement


Some employers cringe at the thought of engaging a temporary worker, but more and more companies now realise the tactical benefits of utilising on-hire contract workers.

Believe it or not, many contract workers are far more qualified, adaptable and experienced than those engaged in permanent positions. Simply put "they have to be, as their next assignment often depends on it".

Contract workers enjoy the variety and flexibility that comes with what they do! That's why it isn't unusual for ELE clients to want to offer our workers permanent positions in their business.

A contract workforce will give your organisation the flexibility it needs to grow effectively with the right people, while at the same time enabling you to control your fixed overheads and better manage cashflow. You can take on those ambitious projects or new sales opportunities and rest assured that ELE will engage the best workers for each position.

Some of the real benefits of engaging a contract workforce:

  • Better cash flow management
  • Greater flexibility to grow your business with the right people
  • Effectively align your labour and associated cost of labour with your production demands
  • Risk mitigation. If you no longer need the worker, you simply let them go
  • You only pay for what you use at an agreed hourly rate
  • No more ACC costs to accrue, no sick leave or annual leave liability on your balance sheet
  • You and your key staff can remain focused on your core business and let us focus on what we do best - finding you the best people

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