Winners at the Ready!!

Winners at the Ready!!

When it comes to knowing what it takes to be a successful athlete, we (ELE Group) are blessed with not having to go far to find the answer(s).  Such individuals set realistic goals and invest both mental and physical energy towards the achievement of those goals. They equip themselves with a tool kit of enduring qualities such as determination, patience, and persistence and as a result rise to the top. A couple of our lads did just this.

There is a quote that says, “Surround yourself with people who support your Aspirations.” ELE Group is proud to support the aspirations of Softball NZ, the Papanui Tigers and our entire Team. So, you can probably imagine how pleased we were to hear that two of our team have been recognised as being ‘successful athletes’.

Congratulations goes out to Jackson (Whacko) Watt (ELE Chch Ops Manager) for being awarded the Top Batter and to Ben (Jet)Watts (ELE Chch Account Manager) for being awarded Top Pitcher and the Canterbury Player of the Year (2019/2020 season).

Good on you lads, you make us all very proud – Kia Kaha!

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