The changing face of road transport

The changing face of road transport

We’ve featured this incredible Nikola One hydrogen powered semi-truck in our new ad campaign for ELE Truck and Driver. It’s a pretty interesting insight into the way the industry – and transport in general – is changing.

The Nikola One is a zero emission hydrogen and electric semi-truck. It’s powered by a stack of hydrogen fuel cells and a 320 kWh battery. It has over 1,000 hp and 2,000 ft.-lb. of torque with a range of 800 miles on a single tank of hydrogen and can be refuelled in just 15 minutes.

The first 12 trucks will be driving on public roads in the US in 2018 in an extensive testing program and they will officially come to market in 2020 – although options for 8,000 units have already been sold.

The only thing preventing them from being on the road now is the lack of hydrogen stations, so Nikola plans to build over 300 stations nationwide in the US – at a cost of $10 million each.

But the thing we find most interesting about this next revolution in the transport industry is this – Nikola will lease it’s trucks – $7,000 a month for 72 months or a million miles. And included in that monthly cost is maintenance and the cost of fuel. That’s right, the hydrogen fuel for up to 1 million miles is covered by the lease.

The transport and trucking industries are changing fast. Not only do many transport operators no longer want to (or need to) own trucks, some don’t employ drivers. Because they only want to pay for the resource when and where it’s needed.

And that’s where we at ELE come in. We supply drivers – and trucks – to clients where and when they’re needed.

It might sound like the future – but we’re doing it now.

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